Digi On-Prem Manager

Configure, deploy and manage connected assets securely on-premises

  • Industry-leading software tools for rapid device deployment, and easier asset management
  • Automatisieren Sie Massen-Firmware- und Software-Updates, um die Funktionalität zu verbessern, die Einhaltung von Vorschriften zu gewährleisten und Ihre Bereitstellung zu skalieren
  • Zugriff auf Daten von Edge-Geräten, die bisher unerreichbar waren
  • Integrieren Sie Gerätedaten über offene APIs, um tiefere Einblicke und Kontrolle mit Anwendungen von Drittanbietern zu erhalten
  • Überwachung der Netzwerk-, Geräte- und Anlagenleistung sowie der Sicherheit mit bidirektionaler Kommunikation
  • Erhalten Sie Echtzeit-Warnungen und detaillierte Berichte über den Netzwerkzustand und die Gerätebedingungen

Digi On-Prem Manager is the technology platform that brings networks to the next level, allowing networks — and the people who manage them — to work smarter. It transforms a multitude of dispersed IoT devices into a dynamic, intelligent network.

Edit configurations, update firmware, schedule and automate tasks — all from your desktop, tablet of phone.

You can also easily extend your network at scale with bi- directional, open integration and add intelligence to the edge with custom code, APIs and Python scripts. All the while, its software- defined security diligently safeguards your Digi ecosystem.

Key Network Management Functionality

Digi On-Prem Manager allows you to securely access devices in the field, monitor critical device metrics.Digi Remote Manager

You can update firmware, configuration and files for individual devices or groups of devices, with alerts and reports for specific events and activities.

Set up role-based access control, view audit logs, and integrate with other systems with APIs and custom coding.

Digi On-Prem Manager provides everything you need to securely manage your network on premises.

Access, organize and view device metrics

Search for devices using key information such as serial number, hardware type, ICCID, group membership and more options, and organize devices into groups. Access devices via command line or web UI directly over a private network, and view current and historical configuration of devices.

Access device metrics such as uptime, temperature, firmware versions, modem model, data usage, cellular signal and quality, location, IP address and history. Set alerts and warnings for reboots, link restarts, temperature changes, VPN outages and clock drift. Create and view reports for devices or groups including radio technology, signal strength, restarts, data usage, Wi-Fi clients, temperature and more.

Application, platform and supply chain security for advanced protection

Application security features include no default credentials, 2FA required for privileged users, group and role-based access control, logging of security and change events with syslog support, IP ACL lists and blocking/throttling of failed auth requests, and mTLS support for device-to-server connections. Platform security features include App Armour and systemd sandboxing and appllication dependencies based on Ubuntu LTS, leveraging security updates from distribution. Service does not establish outbound network connections. Supply chain security features include signed releases and vcs commits, ephemeral and automated build environment, and signed application updates distributed via private APT repository.

Update firmware and configuration

Upload firmware to archive, update one or many devices in one task, and define firmware versions upon device type and group membership. Update device configuration, and apply configuration updates including site specific settings. Check running configuration with templates, and execute tasks to correct configuration when needed. Perform audits per user or device, view security logs, and authorize devices to connect with the router inbox.

Merkmal Beschreibung Digi On-Prem
Geräteinventar anzeigen und gruppieren Fügen Sie Geräte zu einer Gruppe hinzu, um sie logisch zu organisieren und zu verwalten.
Individuelle Geräteeinstellungen aktualisieren Configure an individual device and update device settings.
Geräteeinstellungen im Pulk aktualisieren Wählen Sie Geräte in der Liste mehrfach aus und laden Sie Konfigurationsdateien auf sie. Dies ist eine grundlegende Konfigurationsmethode, nicht so leistungsfähig wie Automatisierungen oder der Configuration Manager.
Einzelne Geräte-Firmware aktualisieren Klicken Sie auf ein Gerät in einer Liste und aktualisieren Sie die Firmware.
Gerätefirmware im Pulk aktualisieren Wählen Sie Geräte in der Liste mehrfach aus und laden Sie Firmware auf sie.
Device Metrics Gain information on devices which can then be used to trigger alarms, and used to aid troubleshooting.
Alarme Configure alarms to trigger based on device metrics, connection status, data usage, configuration status and other factors.
Berichte Create reports containing device metrics and other data.
Webdienst Apis Link programmatically using RESTful web service APIs. This facilitates the ability to send data from devices to third-party systems such as AWS or Azure, and connect Digi to a customer’s own CRM or management platforms.
*Digi On-Prem Manager is available in 1-, 3- and 5-year subscriptions, and require a server license and one endpoint license per device per year.

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